Our local offer

Our local offer

Applepips Day Nursery is a small 18 place day nursery which provides care for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years of age.

Applepips prides itself on providing children with that home from home feel as the nursery is set in a converted house, our preschool children have full use of our large downstairs playroom and free flow to the garden and the toddlers have full use of large playroom upstairs with regular garden times.

  1. How does the early years setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

In the initial stages of registering your child to the nursery you have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries you may have about your child, once you done this the key person will be able to monitor and observe your child.

Every child within the nursery has a key person, this person is assigned once the child has settled into the nursery and made a bond with one of the practitioners. Once the key person has been assigned they then become responsible for planning and meeting all of your child’s needs. Each child is set up with an online learning journal which you are then sent a secure link to be able to look at and also to add your own photos, observations or comments on things that happen at home. If you take part in adding photos and comments it allows the key worker to be able to look at your child’s development holistically it also provides an avenue for which you could communicate any worries or concerns you may have.

The key person will regularly observe your child and upload all observations and photos for you be able to see, regular progress checks will be completed and continually be looking at next steps to help support your child’s development.

If the key person monitoring your child’s development notices an area of concern, then you will be informed straight away.

We promote having an open-door policy with all of our families and have a good level of communication with all our parents. Staff will feedback daily about your child’s day both verbally and in writing within your child’s nursery diary. Once your child has started at the nursery we encourage you to communicate with us as much as possible this can be done face to face, by putting notes in the diary or whichever way you feel most comfortable. Staff will always make time to listen and discuss your child’s development with you, after all nobody knows your child like you.

The nursery benefits from having a SENDCO and INCO who will work with the key person and yourself to put strategies and plans in to place to support your child if any concerns have been raised, this will be done by meetings and written plans so you can have as much input as possible. If after discussions about initial concerns and support from the SENDCO the nursery feels that your child may benefit from additional support, we will gain your permission to start the referral process. The referral process is where the nursery seeks support from an appropriate outside agency, we will always keep you well informed about time scales and invite you to attend any meeting or appointments.

  1. How will early years setting staff support my child?

As no one knows your child like you do, you will be centre to how we will support your child. The SENDCO and key person will come up with play strategies and individual learning plans which will then be discussed with you. The learning plan will be consistent with how you support your child at home as consistency is key for your child.

Any plans put into place will be reviewed by the key person and SENDCO termly and regular meetings with you so home progress and nursery progress can be discussed and monitored. This can also be a good time to make any changes and adapt the plan to ensure everyone is continuing to meet your child’s needs.

  1. How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

As a nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for all our children. This is where we plan and put into place activities based on each child’s individual interests.

All activities are planned and based around each child’s stage and development including and using different resources.

Where needed, we can split the groups into smaller groups for activities to enable staff to be able to provide your child with any extra support needed.

Each child has a learning journal where all observations are placed and traced against the EYFS which is broken down into 7 areas; Personal Social and emotional development, Communication and language, Physical Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the world and Expressive art and design.

This can show up strengths in your child’s development and areas in which your child may need any additional support.

  1. How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me support my child’s learning?

At Applepips we have an open door policy where we actively encourage you to come in and talk to us at any time. We can offer meetings at a suitable time for yourself with the key person SENDCO and or a member of nursery management.

Feedback is provided at the end of each session by staff where you can have the opportunity to discuss anything. Upon joining the nursery your child will also be given a diary where staff will record all information about your child’s day. You’re also encouraged to make any notes you feel maybe important for staff to know.

The nursery uses ‘Tapestry’ an online learning journal system where you are welcomed to comment on the key person’s observations as well as add your own photos and observations so we can look at your child’s development holistically.

  1. What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

All nursery staff are there to support all children within our nursery, all staff constantly risk assess throughout the day and each activity is assessed individually.

Any child requiring any medication during their nursery session will be provided with their medication by a qualified first aider and witnessed by another member of staff. Medication will only be administered if it has been prescribed by a doctor, still in labelled containers or packaging and forms have been completed prior to administration.

Staff are witnessed administering medication and dosage is always checked by both members of staff with what is written on the packaging and the medication form which would have been completed by yourself to ensure no mistakes can be made. We will then ask you to sign the medication form at the end of your child’s session so that we have made you aware that your child has received their medication and correct dosage and at what time.

All nursery staff are paediatric first aid trained, if necessary the nursery would arrange to send any appropriate staff to attend any additional training needed to support your child with any other medical condition or needs necessary while in our care.

All nursery staff receive in house training on behaviour management and adhere to the policy which is reviewed by the manager annually.

  1. What specialist services and expertise’s are available at or accessed by the setting.

We are able to work with outside agencies such as speech and language therapists, children and young people workers, Physiotherapists, FIRST team or any other appropriate outside agency.

If any outside agencies do come into nursery we will always provide you with detailed feedback either at the end of your child’s session or by a more formal arrangement of a meeting.

  1. What training are the staff supporting children with SEND had or are having?

All nursery staff have completed up to date Paediatric first aid, the nursery manager and deputy manager have also completed the designated person’s child protection course. Other staff have up to date child protection training.

The relevant staff have completed a food hygiene course.

The team at Applepips have experience of working with children with a variety of special educational needs and training is being undertaken by qualified staff member to being their training up to date, any additional training can be completed as necessary.

  1. How will my child be included in activities outside the early years setting including trips?

When planning any trips out of the nursery the nursery manager will always complete a risk assessment beforehand to check the suitability of the destination and to assess what the learning outcome will be of the outing. We always lower our ratio when leaving the building therefore we have 1 staff member to 2 children.

When registering your child into the nursery we seek permission to take your child out on a local walk however if your child has an additional needs which staff need to consider before an outing additional permission and a discussion would be had about the suitability of the activity for your child. You will always be welcome to come along on any outing and destination will always be carefully thought about and planned so it would remain within a familiar area for your child and remains an activity they can fully participate in. If it necessary additional staff can always attend the outing to ensure we provide your child with any additional support which may be needed.

  1. How accessible is the setting environment?

We have our babies / toddlers (ages 6 weeks – 3 years) upstairs where they all have access to 3 spacious playrooms. Our preschool children have full access to the downstairs playroom and we have a large patio door which open to make a large access out to our stimulating secure garden.

Our ethos at Applepips is to provide children with that home from home feel as soon as you are welcomed through the door.

We are a free flow nursery which allows the children to access all resources as and when they want – all out planning at Applepips is led by the children and what they are interested in individually as well as collectively.

We have kept our group sizes small only having 8 children upstairs with the under 3’s and 10 children in our preschool room at any one time.  We maintain a 1:3 ration with our toddlers upstairs and a 1:8 with our pre-schoolers and our 2 year olds in the preschool and toddler room are counted in a 1:4 ratio.

Within our preschool room we also have a disabled toilet with room for changing facilities.

How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to transition between age groups at the setting and the transition to school?

When your child joins us at Applepips we arrange as many taster sessions as each parent feels necessary. The first taster is usually around 45 minutes where parents are invited to stay with their child, meet the team and get to know our nursery. After that we arrange several more ranging from 1 – 3 hours to build up your child’s confidence with being in the nursery and getting to know their peers and staff.

During each taster session, we try to get to know your child as much as possible so we can ensure we have out activities which we know your child will like to help them to feel settled.

Once it is time for your child to move from the toddler room to our preschool room we will begin taster sessions where during your child’s normal nursery sessions they will spend some time in the preschool room getting to know the other children and staff. Your child will already be familiar with most of the staff and the room as all staff cover across the nursery when needed and the age groups to mix during their garden times, this helps make that transition as smooth as possible.

During your child’s final year(s) here at Applepips we introduce new activities as part of preparation for them starting school. This includes encouraging them to be able to dress and undress themselves ready for doing PE at school, being independent with their own things and knowing their own bags and where their peg is. Activities which encourage them to recognise their own name or even begin to be able to write their own name.

During the summer term, we also support the teachers by arranging times for them to come in and meet your child. We also make a display about the local schools so the children can become familiar with what their new surroundings are going to be like.

  1. How are the early year’s settings resources allocated and matched to children’s special needs.

All the toys and resources are available to all children providing they are age appropriate as a new setting we are continually extending out available resources all the time.

  1. How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

If it is necessary for outside agencies to become involved with a child to provide support the agencies, yourself and ourselves can work together to determined how much extra support your child may or may not need, or to decide if any additional equipment will be required for your child during nursery hours.

Before any agencies become involved we would welcome you to support us writing a one page profile which can be updated regularly about goals and achievements so far.

By working together this will also create an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) this will then be reviewed and monitored by all professions involved.

  1. How are parents involved in the early years setting? How can I be involved?

At Applepips we pride ourselves on having good partnership with all our parents and think that working together is key to all children’s development. Information is shared with parents in a variety of ways, verbal communication at the beginning and end of sessions, daily diaries completed by nursery staff who have been looking after your child or through ‘orbit’ our online learning journal system.

We work with parents so that we can follow routines from home, if we feel your child needs additional support we will discuss every stage with you and follow all your decisions and ideas as we respect the fact that nobody knows your child better than their parent / carer.

We continually promote having an open-door policy and welcome all parents to come and talk to us at any time.

  1. Who can I contact for further information?

Nursery Manager – Tracy Shrubb



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