Caterpillars ( 6 months - 2 Years)

Caterpillars interior of Applepips Nursery Rustington

Caterpillars is home to our younger children (6 months – 2 years) we have a light spacious room for the children to be able to learn explore and develop. Our resources are all at low levels so the children can make independent choices throughout the day.

We have access to our garden throughout the day and we ensure all children get to go out both morning and afternoon. The garden is set up to provide children with age appropriate challenges of climbing the slide with support, learning about bugs and creatures which live outside in our garden and exploring through their senses. The children during our garden times enjoy meeting and spending time with our older children

Caterpilars interior view of Apple Pips Nursery Rustington

We understand that at such a young age all children have their individual routines and needs, our experienced practitioners are able to support children by implementing the same routine at nursery, which supports a smoother transition from home to nursery. Once they are a little older the children in enjoy a sociable meal together where we are able to support the learning of self – feeding. If your child is starting the weaning process we will follow your lead to continue supporting your little one.

Comforters can be a huge source of comfort to young children especially when starting nursery so we actively encourage children to bring these nursery.

Throughout the day the children are given the opportunity to take part in messy play and sensory play exploring natural objects as well as exploring in messier material like flour and water.

Supporting early communication skills is embedded within our every practice, practitioners role model good communication through talking to the children about what they are doing, introducing singing and nursery rhymes, looking at and reading books as well as introducing basic Makaton signs.

Updates are available throughout the day of how your child has been with pictures of activities your child has taken part in are shared regularly on Tapestry.