We are please to say our OFSTED Report gave us a rating of GOOD.  Here are the highlights from the report.

  • Staff are very positive, kind and caring. They take the time to get to know children well and build trusting bonds with them. Children are enthusiastic about their time spent at the nursery and happily engage in a wide variety of play and activities. They are well settled, secure and make good progress from their developmental starting points.
  • Staff use group activities well to help engage children and build on their learning. For example, they sings songs with children about the days of the week and the weather, which helps their understanding. Staff encourage children to recognise numbers as they talk about the day's date, and children confidently count to the number together.
  • Staff accurately assess children's development. The manager monitors children's progress closely, checking for any gaps between groups of children. For example, after noticing that the boys were not engaging fully in their early literacy development, she introduced exciting new opportunities for them to draw outdoors
  • The manager and staff work well with parents to help engage them successfully in their children's learning. They continually update parents with their children's achievements and give plenty of helpful ideas to support further learning at home.

OFSTED Inspection findings

  • Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good. The ambitious manager works closely with staff, parents and other professionals to help accurately evaluate the effectiveness of the nursery and improve children's outcomes. For example, they have improved their support of children's mathematical skills and added new 'number lines' for children to count. The manager supports her staff well to continually develop their skills and improve their teaching. She regularly observes their practice and provides effective coaching and training. For example, after recent training, staff now support children's good behaviour more effectively. The manager and staff have an up-to-date knowledge of how to deal with any child protection concerns and follow thorough procedures. They vigilantly assess risks and monitor the nursery environment closely to help maintain children's safety. Safeguarding is effective.
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good. Staff record detailed observations of children's learning and plan precise next steps to support further progress in their development. They follow children's interests closely and skilfully build on them to extend their learning. For example, following on from a conversation with children about the universe, staff thoughtfully introduced a book about space. Children excitedly learned that stars are made of gas and compared the sizes of the planets, deciding earth is 'much smaller' than the others. Staff offer plenty of enjoyable opportunities for younger children to be creative. For example, children enjoy making sandcastles outside. They carefully fill up buckets using spades and enthusiastically knock the sandcastles down when they are finished.
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good. Staff support children's emotional well-being very effectively. Children have a strong understanding of how to manage their own feelings and how to consider the needs of others. For example, they confidently talk about what makes them happy and sad, and how they can calm down if they get cross, such as by counting to three. Children are independent and enjoy responsibilities. Younger children enjoy carefully walking down the stairs to the garden, and older children dress themselves with ease. Children have plenty of opportunities for exercise and outdoor play. Staff plan regular physical activities which help to extend their skills and children enjoy exploring the well-resourced garden.
  • Outcomes for children are good. Children are motivated and eager learners. They are very willing to try new things and keen to find out more about their interests. Children develop strong communication skills and express themselves confidently. For example, young children join multiple words together and older children enjoy talking about their lives at home and sharing recent experiences. Children are imaginative and enjoy role play, such as when pretending to buy ingredients and prepare meals. They are very sociable and build strong friendships, playing together happily. Children confidently choose when to play indoors or outdoors, and they consistently make choices in their play, leading their own learning. They are well prepared for the next stage in their learning and for school.

We have learnt a lot since the OFSTED Inspector carried out his formal visit and we have worked hard on all the points he raised to improve further to reach the gold standard of Outstanding.  Tracy


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